Mike Tannenbaum Finds Cheapest Gem in Football

At the start of October, this season looked like a complete bust. King Mike Tannenbaum’s first season as EVP of Football Ops seemed to be going straight down the toilet with the Fins sitting at 1-4. But thanks to a little help from a hidden gem, the Dolphins are now 4-4 and in the middle of a Wild Card hunt.

Who is this man that has propelled this team into contention? If you watched the Fins opening game, then you did not see this guy. His name is Jay Ajayi, and he has become a running force. Since Week 6, he has amassed 529 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns and is now 5th in rushing in the league.

What makes him so special to King Tannenbaum is that he is costing him only $435,000 this season!! Compared to recently retired Arian Foster, who was set to make anywhere from $1.5-3.5million, and Lamar Miller, who walked and signed a 4yr./$26million contract with the Texans, Ajayi is the biggest bargain in the NFL.

While King Tannenbaum cannot get his hopes too high on a sample size, Ajayi could turn into something special an offense that has really struggled. Ajayi’s production could make our “franchise” QB’s, Ryan Tannehill, job much easier.

While there is no guarantee the Fins are in the playoffs, King Tannenbaum, at the least, has possibly have found the running back of the future for his franchise.

What do you guys think of Ajayi? Is he a mirage or the real deal?

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