Time for Adam Gase to Sack Tannehill Like Rest of NFL

Many people thought when King Adam Gase was named the new HC for the Dolphins that he would be able to repair the mediocre, yet promising QB Ryan Tannehill. After receiving high praise from legends like Peyton Manning and Bill Belichick, it was almost a sure fire thing that Tannehill would become an elite QB.

After 4 seasons, Fins faithful are still waiting for our “franchise” QB to become the man. I mean he is already getting paid like he is making the trip to Honolulu every year (4yrs, 77mil., 45mil. guaranteed). But after a 2-4 start this year, it is time King Gase to smell the Cuban coffee and DROP Ryan Tannehill.  

Dolphin’s fans are tired of being patient with this supposed quarterback. This guy played wide receiver for three years and QB for only one while at Texas A&M and we are supposed to put faith in him. I think just about all faith has been lost in Ryan Tannehill down in Miami.

Tannehill has skill, but he will never perform to his expectations because they have been too high for him. It is time for Coach Gase to start looking towards next season, and that starts with changing it up at quarterback.  

Greg A. Bedard, of SI, wrote a terrific article on why Gase can’t even fix this guy. I highly recommend Fin’s fans read Bedard’s article for more information.


What do you guys think King Gase should do? Sack Tannehill or be patient like we have been the last 4 years?

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