Spo Post Big 3 Means 41 wins in '16/'17

Six years ago, fans looked at King Erik Spoelstra and thought, “How is THIS nobody going to coach the Big Three and the rest of the Heat to an NBA title.” How can a guy that started his career taking care of DVRs (yes he has been here a while) going to lead Lebron James and Co.?

4 Finals appearances and 2 rings later, the city of Miami is on this same man’s back hoping that he can lead this group of young bucks to success as D-Wade takes his talents to the Windy City. 

There is no person that embodies the phrase “Respect is earned, not given,” more than King Spo. From not being respected by his own players, to one of the best in the game. He transformed into one of the best defensive coaches in the NBA.

Now what can we expect from him in 2016-2017 without Superstars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh?

  1. Intensity – with a team this young, expect King Spo to have them play smothering defense and running in transaction as often as possible.
  2. Inconsistency – while youth helps with intensity, it can thwart consistency. King Spo knows inconsistency hurt team, he will try to find ways to control it, depending heavily on max-player Hassan Whiteside and 2nd-year stud Justice Winslow.
  3. Leadership – with just one player remaining from the Big Three era, team captain Udonis Haslem, expect Spo and UD to be leaders both vocally and by example.


What do you the fans expect of Coach Spo and the Heat for this upcoming season?

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