3 things Andy Elisburg NEEDS to do during ’16-17’ Season

With the start of the season looming, there are many things going on in the Heat organization. With the recent departures of apparent Heat Lifer Dwyane Wade and an unhealthy Chris Bosh, here are 3 things King Andy Elisburg must do at some point during the season.

  1. NOT TRADE Goran Dragic – without D-Wade and CB slowing down the offense, I think The Dragon is going to have a great season. He came to the Heat being one of the best fast break players in the league, and we should expect to see that Goran this season. Plus, it is hard to trade a good (not great player) that is owed $70.2 million through ’19-’20.
  2. OBTAIN Rudy Gay – he is the exact player this new look Heat team need in order to succeed. He is an athletic, slashing forward with terrific scoring ability. Although he plays the same position as 2nd year man Justice Winslow, Winslow still needs to develop a jump shot in order to be an elite SF. Until then, he will continue to be the team’s best perimeter defender. He must also do this without giving up Goran Dragic. 
  3. SCOUT – according to many sources, this upcoming draft class has the potentially to be heavily stocked with NBA talent. King Elisburg needs to really focus on this draft and try to find an athletic PF. With Hassan anchoring the paint on offense and defense, the Heat need an athletic PF who can spread the floor and keep up with the fast-paced NBA of today.

What do you guys think King Elisburg should have on the top of his list for this upcoming season?

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