It's Time for a BIG Change in L.A.

How much longer is King Stan Kroenke going to run a circus? I mean the guy has done nothing but produce horrible product for the Rams organization. At the moment L.A. Rams fans love Koenke because he brought the Rams back "home". They think he did it because he cares about L.A. having a football team. WRONG. He's doing it for what he has always done it for. MONEY. There's a reason why fans in St. Louis hate him. Give it a couple years and I guarantee L.A. Rams fans will want complete new ownership once they see what a terrible job he is doing. I think he has already done a horrible job since the move. 

My first question to Kroenke would be: Why on earth would you want to give a contract extension to Coach Jeff Fisher? Fisher has been nothing but mediocre. It’s embarrassing that Kroenke wants to keep a coach who hasn’t finished over .500 in four full seasons. The best the Rams have finished in the NFC West Division is 3rd. Yet, Kroenke is talking about extending his contract. It blows my mind. Lets continue to pay a guy who’s overall record with the Rams is 30-38-1.

My last question would be: Why are you drafting a quarterback if you know he isn’t going to be ready? The Rams didn’t just trade for a QB. They traded to get the #1 overall pick. They did it because they thought Jared Goff would be the king of the franchise. Well, they really did it because Stan Kroenke wanted to do it, and he holds all the power. It’s week 9 and Goff still hasn’t touched the field.

Congrats Kroenke. You haven’t learned a thing. The Rams will continue to be mediocre, as long as Kroenke is the owner. It’s time for a change.  And for this reason, King Kroenke gets a grade of...

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