Why Robinson Will Make the Roster over Yi Jianlian

As the season approaches, the Lakers need to cut down their roster. Metta World Peace, Thomas Robinson, and Jianlian are all fighting for the final roster spot. World Peace, the outside of the box character loved by Lakers fans, is almost guaranteed not to make the team.  Expect the Lakers to offer him a job in player development though, they like the way this former knucklehead now leads their young players.


This leaves two.  In the preseason Robinson has averaged 4 ppg on 71% shooting, as well as 3.5 RPG in extremely limited minutes. Yi, has averaged 2.8 ppg on only 30% shooting and only 2.5 RPG.  Yi has looked like someone who would ride the bench. While Robinson has looked like a player who could be brought in for a couple minutes a game and bring energy like no-other.


The choice is pretty clear to me.  Although Coach Walton likes Yi’s outside shooting ability, he has proven in multiple NBA stints that he doesn’t bring much to the table.  Robinson on the other hand, is a young, energetic player who is yet to find a home in the league.  Lets give Robinson the chance to be one of the young pieces on this up and coming Lakers squad. 

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