Three Things to Watch for the Lakers in the Summer League

1. Has D’Angelo Russell progressed?

One year ago the Lakers front office took a gamble by selecting D’Angelo Russell over Kristaps Porzingis and Jahlil Okafor with the second overall pick in the draft.  Russell’s rookie season started off rough, with Russell struggling to score and head coach Byron Scott not giving him many minutes.  Just as he picked up his game after the all star break, averaging close to 20 PPG, Russell ran into problems in the locker room.  He lost the trust of his teammates after putting out a confidential video on social media, and there was a rift between the entire team.  The best thing Russell can do to gain back the trust and respect of his teammates is to become the best player he can be.  The summer league is the first step toward regaining their trust.  Lets see how his game has progressed and what he has worked on since the season ended.  Let’s hope he proves the front office made the right choice.

2. Is Brandon Ingram ready to contribute?

The lakers make the right pick with consensus number 2 overall pick Brandon Ingram.  The only question is how much will he be able to contribute to the team this upcoming season? At only 19 years old and 205 points, Ingram’s body needs to get stronger and his game needs to expand.  That being said he has a polished offensive game for a 19 year old.  The summer league will be our first chance to see what he’s going to be able to bring to the team this season.

3. Will there be any surprises that make the Lakers training camp roster?

The summer league is a place for young players who aren't currently on an NBA roster to make an impression on GM’s and coaches all around the league. Every year, there are multiple pleasant surprises in the summer league.  Someone makes a name for themselves.  Whether is it through their shooting, rebounding, or all out hustle, I promise someone will make a roster largely because of their play at the summer league. Will the Lakers have one of these players this year? Lets watch and see. 



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