I’d Run Through a Brick Wall King Walton, Too.

Going into the season, Lakers fans did not expect to win many games.  We were excited about the team’s young talent and young, rejuvenating Head Coach King Walton, but lets be real…We weren't expecting to win many games. 

Two weeks into the season, Walton has turned hope into joy. The team is clicking, we play hard for 48 minutes every night, and we have seen the development.  Not to mention, we are WINNING.  We aren't just winning, but we’ve beaten the Warriors, Rockets, and Hawks, who have a combined record of 13-7. 

The fans aren't the only ones crediting Walton for leading the team to victories, but the players are too. Yesterday after practice, Jordan Clarkson (who is starring in his 6th man role) said, “I would run through a wall for coach. We want to get wins for him.”  Lou Williams, the teams second leading scorer through 7 games, had a very similar message when he said King Walton  has a way of making the players feel like they’re his teammates, and they want to “run through a wall for him.” 

We weren't expecting wins this season.  We wanted development and effort, but with Luke at the helm, things have changed. We get effort, tangible improvement, and WINS. What a nice change from Byron Scott the last few years. 

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