Our King Jeanie Buss believes in Luke Walton, our Young Prince

Ever since Owner Dr. Jerry Buss passed away, things haven’t been the same in the front office of the Lakers.  His kids (now Kings) Jeanie and Jim Buss are attempting to co-run the team but it basically has been a nightmare. It has been such a fail that Jim promised he would step down after 3 losing seasons in a row…but he hasn’t. 


With all of the problems in the front office, Luke Walton has given Lakers fans hope.  The young prince, only 36 years-old, is the right leader for this team. His age and personality allows him to connect to the teams young core, and Jeanie agrees. “I think he is the right person to lead this young team,” she said. “I think he’s going to have them working hard and playing hard and I do think this is a positive for Laker fans.” 


Every Lakers fan has been annoyed at the front office at some …(probably multiple)… point(s) these last few years, but I think we can all agree about one thing, Luke is the right man to lead this team.

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