Dean Lombardi Found his Life Jacket

I was taking a look at the ESPN power rankings and saw the Los Angeles Kings were 24th with a 7-8-1 record.

Though they are staying around .500 while Jonathan Quick is out, they are having a hard time scoring because they don’t have the depth up front. In fact, they rank 24th in the league in scoring. Scoring seems to be the major problem for this team which you wouldn’t think would be with Quick being out. Peter Budaj has played well enough for the Kings to get by and keep King Dean Lombardi away from the phone calling the other Kings across the league.

I read an article by Pierre Lebrun which talked about the fact King Dean Lombardi doesn’t have to call around to find a potential partner to trade with. Even if King Dean Lombardi did find a partner he would have to maneuver some money around because this Kings’ team is against the cap due to the signings and players King Lombardi brought in to help this team to two Stanley Cups in the past 4 years.

Now the Kings and King Lombardi is just hoping this can keep up and they can just stay afloat on the S.S. Budaj.

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