Kings No More!

It was announced yesterday night that both Dean Lombardi and Darryl Sutter have been relieved of their duties after delivering 2 Stanley Cups in 3 years for a franchise that has struggled most of it’s tenure in the league. Remember this team also had the “Great One” during some of his prime years and never won a championship.

They replaced Dean Lombardi with King Luc Robitaille who will now be the President of the club and King Rob Blake will become the GM.

It is very surprising news that Dean Lombardi was let go as he has built two teams that have won it all. But we will have to see in the next few days on why that decision was made.

It’s not that surprising that Sutter was let go because of all the rumblings that the players weren’t responding to him anymore and they were getting tired of his voice. Also the players frustration with Sutter could also be seen in the story of the players locking Sutter out of the locker room after a game.

We will see how the Kings move forward because they have missed the playoffs 2 out of the last 3 years and it might be time to rebuild this team on the fly just like the Bruins are doing.

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