Not so Bright Future for the Clippers

The youth movement is in full force throughout the NBA.  Size and strength are now trumped by speed and endurance.  Youth and potential is valued far more than veterans who will be sore and injured come June.

The Clippers weren’t able to get out of the second round last year, and King Rivers didn’t make any big changes to the roster. Another offseason, another summer adding a few binge role players to try put the Clippers over the hump.

Rivers' biggest issue is father time.  No one ever beats father time, and he's going to smack the Clippers right in the face pretty soon. Sure, you can say CP3, Blake, and DJ are in the prime of their careers, but that core has come up short EVERY year they’ve been together. The rest of their roster is rounded out with a bunch of old guys. Paul Piece, 39. Jamal Crawford, 36. JJ Reddick, 32. Raymond Felton, 32. Brandon Bass, 31. Mareese Speights, 29.

King Rivers is all in on a roster that is set up to win now, that continuously proves that they CANNOT win. Most Clippers fans hopped on the  bandwagon when they acquired Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin became a sensation dunking over cars. My advice: jump off the bandwagon and buy yourselves a D’angelo Russell or Karl-Athoney Towns jersey.  The Clippers may be better than the Wolves and Lakers right now, but expect both of those teams, and many others, to achieve something special sooner than the Clips. 

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