Doc Rivers: The King of Being Oblivious

The Los Angeles Clippers have never made it past the second round of the playoffs. In fact, they've only been there four times.  Last seasons post season appearance ended rather quickly after losing to the Trail Blazers in the first round.  Team president and head coach doesn't seem to mind the early round exists, as he made no significant roster changes in the offseason.  Regardless of their inability to make it out of the second round, and no big time acquisitions, Rivers is confident his team can compete with anyone.  Last week at media day, Rivers said, “I think we can play with anybody, and we don’t feel like there’s a gap…I feel comfortable where we’re at.” Can they compete with the Warriors, the best team in the West?

Just days after Rivers comments, the Clippers found themselves losing 86-36 to the Warriors in the third quarter, and ended up losing by 50.  Yeah, its preseason, but one thing is pretty clear, there is a HUGE gap between the Clippers and the elite teams.  If they want that to change, Doc needs to wake up and shake up their roster.  If he doesn’t, he will, once again, be comfortably watch most of the playoffs at home.

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