"Time to Start the Rebuild", says Rick Hahn

The Chicago White Sox and the Boston Red Sox have come to terms to trade Chris Sale to the Boston Red Sox. In return the White Sox get 4 prospects according to Ken Rosenthal. Two of the prospects will be named later but the White Sox got Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech from the Red Sox. Both Moncada and Kopech are some of the Red Sox highest rated prospects and many publications have Moncada in the top 10 of the best prospects in baseball. Kopech is no slouch either, as he is a hard throwing righty who can pump 100 plus.

King Rick Hahn and King Jerry Reinsdorf have said all offseason that the moves they make will make clear what direction they are going in. With this trade, I know which way they are going and I think it’s a smart move as now the White Sox can build their organization and franchise the right way with young good prospects and develop them.

Good job King Rick keep up the good work on rebuilding this team.

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