Is Rick Hahn Looking to Cut Bait?

King Rick Hahn spoke recently to the media out in Arizona at the GM meetings. He addressed the question, would Chris Sale’s rocky relationship with the front office deter other teams from inquiry about him? He also address did the relationship between Chris Sale and the front office make it a priority to trade Sale. It obviously doesn’t matter, quote, “It’s a nonfactor”. King Hahn believed that Sale can be an “anchor of a championship-caliber rotation” and everyone in the baseball world would say the same.

We are still waiting to see what direction this team will go in. As no deals have been made by King Hahn and Company. But when they do finally make some moves with their team White Sox fans and baseball fans will understand what direction this team is going in as King Rick Hahn has previously stated before. I hope that path is a good one for King Hahn.

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