Rick Hahn Eaton the Team Away

After King Rick Hahn and the Chicago White Sox traded away Chris Sale on Tuesday he followed that up Wednesday by trading Adam Eaton to the Washington Nationals for three pitchers.

All three of the pitchers are prospects as they still have to “develop” according to King Rick Hahn but he does think these guys have the potential to be front line starters. The big name the Sox got back was Lucas Giolito who was rumored to be apart of the Chris Sale package if the White Sox were going to trade Sale to the Nationals. But to be able to get two players (Giolito; ESPN's Keith Law No. 2 overall and Baseball America No. 4 overall and Moncada; ESPN's Keith Law No. 5 overall) that have been ranked in the top 5 by many scouting services is great for the White Sox. King Rick Hahn is starting to lay the foundation down for a team that should be really good in a few years.

I don’t expect that he won’t stop acquiring more but wow great job King Rick Hahn keep it going!

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