Chicago Tough!!

With the 2016 MLB season coming to an end as Game 3 of the World Series starts tonight. The franchise that is 10 miles south of the team hosting the World Series tonight, still have questions about who will be on the 2017 roster for the Chicago White Sox. 

All White Sox fans know King Kenny Williams loves getting guys who are “Chicago Tough”. Looking back at this season for the Sox I didn’t see many players who were “Chicago Tough” except for a few.

Kenny Williams is the only baseball executive in this city that has won a World Series title. Though he is a new role since the win, there are people wondering who makes the actual decisions for this team. King Rick Hahn has said earlier this month that everyone is on the same page. I can’t wait to see if that is true or not and also see who moving forward will have the final say when it comes to baseball decisions.

White Sox fans and baseball fans in general can’t wait to see if those words are true. Maybe trading a “Chicago Tough” player will actually show if everyone is on the same page and also show that King Kenny Williams isn't making baseball decisions. 

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