Who are you going to follow, Rick or Kenny?

The Chicago White Sox have two kings in the baseball operations department. King Kenny Williams and King Rick Hahn, they are the two decision makers in the White Sox organization, or are they? Since Rick Hahn came on board in October of 2012 no one knew who was making the final decision on baseball related transactions and that is what has plagued this team since the hiring on Hahn. Rick Hahn is a smart guy and was a hot candidate before he was hired by the White Sox. On the other hand, Kenny has been the only General Manager to bring a World Series title to this city in the past 99 years.

It has been reported by many sources that Kenny doesn’t want to necessarily rebuild the team from scratch and Rick Hahn does. This conflict isn’t healthy for a team that has been quote, “mired in mediocrity”.

King Jerry, is a very loyal owner and doesn’t want to fire anyone or move people out of a decision making position especially those who have had success with his teams. But this year is different, the White Sox have great pieces to move and can get a lot in return to start a rebuild just like the Cubs and Astros but they can have a quicker turnaround based on what they can get back.

I know Jerry isn’t getting any younger and he wants to win one last title but for the betterment of his team and giving him the best chance to win he needs to tear it down, replenish the farm system and choose either Rick or Kenny to make the final say on baseball decisions.

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