Jerry Reinsdorf is a Meat Head

The Chicago White Sox have been a middling team for awhile now and they have never given any indication that they will get any better. As all the talent in their system is on the big league roster for the most part. They have good pitching prospects that came up this year but their best position prospect pretty much played a good amount this past season.

Because of this the White Sox have given off the vibe and a lot of insiders are speculating they are going to rebuild and acquire prospects to boost up their farm system and/or their young big league talent. But with the rumor going around that the White Sox won’t deal with the Cubs when it comes to Chris Sale is beyond meatheadish and just doesn’t make any sense. Yes, they have other teams that are lining up to make a deal with Chris Sale but not all of them have the depth or willing to part with any of those young big league players the Cubs can.

I understand that the White Sox struggle for attendance and that is a reason the Sox won’t trade with the Cubs, but if the Cubs were going to offer the best package of players for Sale and you say no to that. That’s pretty childish and goes against what you are trying to do. I mean don’t get me wrong, it would be great for them to keep Sale but this team isn’t going anywhere with him on the roster and when this team is probably ready to contend Sale will be on the downside of his career.

And because of this foolishness, King Jerry Reinsdorf, you sir are a meathead.

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