Theo, Finally Says Goodbye

King Theo and King Jed finally said goodbye to Dexter Fowler as the Cubs signed Jon Jay to a one year contract. Jon Jay plays center field and from most reports will be a stop gap until Albert “Bobby” Almora’s bat is ready for the big leagues. Jay, who has spent most of his time as a Cardinal is a pretty good player with a slash of .287/.345/.407 for his career.

With a career OBP like that he might lead off for this team but I think it will most likely be Ben Zobrist since he has a high OBP (career .358) and has a low chase rate of balls outside the strike zone (career 22.8%) while Jay’s career low chase rate is 30.7% according to FanGraphs.

Either way Cubs fans, it most likely time to say goodbye to Dexter Fowler and his Howlers out in the bleachers.

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