Theo Epstein Really got Into the Curse

There have been multiple reports from CSN Chicago and Barstool Sports that after the Cubs returned from Cleveland. Front office members of the Cubs were asking the office what they wanted for lunch.

King Jed called King Theo and asked him what he wanted for lunch and King Theo said he wanted to have roasted goat for lunch and roasted goat is what they got and it was said they ate it in the left field bleachers. I guess this was part of his proclamation that he said he was going to “go on a month long bender” and “King Jed was in charge” after the Cubs won Game 7.

Oh man, what a King Theo is. He is the greatest baseball executive of all time and no one could dispute that by ending two major “curses” in big time markets.

Congrats Theo and I hope that goat was good.

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