194, is the Number for King Theo

Oh wow! What a game, what a year and what a process for the Chicago Cubs. King Theo deserves 85% of the credit for this World Series title. Theo has now broken two “curses” in the MLB totally up to 194 years. Theo will forever be revered in Chicago and will never have to pay for a dinner in the city.

King Theo built this team the day he signed back in 2011 by trading for Anthony Rizzo, the leader of this team. He then through great drafting, trading and signings developed this team into a National League power for years to come. The Chicago Cubs window has now been opened. Let’s see what Theo and this organization can do with this opportunity in front of them.

Wow, I’m still in disbelief the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

Thank You King Theo!

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