Rapid Reaction: Cubs Going to the NLCS

The Cubs have conquered and have broken the streak of the San Francisco Giants. The Giants have had this odd streak of winning the World Series in even years. They also had a 10 game win streak in elimination games.

You can’t say enough about this Cubs team. They never gave up and they kept fighting. Many including myself didn’t think they had a shot at winning Game 4 of the NLDS. Kris Bryant started it off with a single. Anthony Rizzo then draws a walk and then Ben Zobrist doubled down the line. Then a great move by Joe Maddon in pitch hitting Chris Coughlan to force Bruce Bochy to bring in the lefty and then King Joe putting in Willson Contreras who got the big two run single to tie the game. Then a failed attempt to lay down a SAC bunt for Jason Heyward turns out well as Brandon Crawford throws the ball away and Heyward ends up at second. Then the MVP for the Cubs so far Javi B plates the game winning run. 

What an effort by this team! Now on to the NLCS against the Nationals or Dodgers.

Sorry Michael.

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