R E L A X; Over in 6

I came across an article recently done by ESPN Chicago Jesse Rogers about Maddon’s take on his team heading into Game 3 after being shut out by Clayton Kershaw. Well, in typical King Maddon fashion he had a couple of glasses of wine and took a nap. Only to be woken up by his closer Aroldis Chapman. Chapman then asks Maddon if he wants to hang out with the Latin relievers who are in the back of the plane having a good time and not showing any ill effects from the tough loss on Sunday. Maddon got up, went to the back and had a few more drinks with the guys and had a good time.

The atmosphere that King Maddon has created for this team and the messages and Maddonisms he has given to this team and the Cubs fanbase is calm, collective and fun. I know there are fans and people out there that are skeptical of this team and the curse is alive. Some even think Maddon and King Theo are arrogant. By now, especially in these playoffs this Cubs team has shown that this is a different team and organization that doesn’t carry that burden with them.

I expect this team to play well in Los Angeles for the next 3 days and look to close it out on Saturday back at Wrigley.

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