Joe Maddon, Blame the Rain!

The BBWAA Manager of the Year Award was presented last night and King Dave Roberts and King Terry Francona won. King Dave Roberts beat out King Dusty Baker and King Joe Maddon. While King Francona beat out King Jeff Banister and King Buck Showalter.

I came across an article done by Jesse Rogers and he was making a case that possibly the rain, caused King Joe Maddon not to win the award for the second straight year.

The reason being, on April 30th the Braves and Cubs were rained out in Chicago. From that rain out the Cubs agreed to play 24 games in 24 days while many of them on the road. It wasn’t a coincidence during that stretch the team struggled and finished the second half going 6-15 while also making up that game against the Braves which they lost in extras.

The argument made by Rogers was, with that long tough consecutive stretch of games for the Cubs is what cost them some wins to possibly push closer to 110 wins instead of 103. Jesse Rogers believed that if the Cubs could have gotten close to the all time record set by the Mariners in ‘01 that King Maddon would have won the award as the team lived up to expectations.

The job that King Joe did started in Spring Training where he made it a emphasis and preached “Embrace the Target”.That term was used throughout the whole season. King Joe and the players mentioned that exact phrase in many of the press conferences.

Though King Roberts deserved the award, he can thank the rain for playing a part in giving him the award.

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