King Jed Throws Away the Potato Chips

Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs declined to pick up Jason Hammel’s club option for 2017. Jason Hammel would have made $12 million this upcoming season. Though it is a good amount for Jason Hammel, who turned out to be the odd man out for the playoff roster. King Jed did him a favor sending him to free agency where there isn’t much starting pitching depth. I heard Jesse Rogers on ESPN radio state that the Cubs asked him if he wanted them to pick up this club option. Hammel ultimately said no and will hit the free agent market and get a pretty healthy contract to end his career.

This is a very classy move by the Cubs as they could have just picked up the option on Hammel and kept him with this team where he might have been left out of the starting rotation since King Joe has hinted at moving Mike Montgomery to the starting rotation.

Even though the Cubs won the World Series last week it’s time for the front office to rev it back up again as the GM meetings start this week in Scottsdale, Arizona. Don’t expect to much to happen by King Jed and the crew, but don’t be surprised it they try and find a young starting pitcher to replace Arrieta when he walks next year.

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