Jed Hoyer Hopes this Year will be the Year

It’s baseball’s offseason, or some know it as the Hot Stove season and the GM meetings are underway down in Scottsdale, Arizona. Though I don’t expect the Cubs front office to be making any major moves this offseason they did extend another qualifying offer to Dexter Fowler. This year’s amount for the offer is $17.2 million up from $15.8 million from last year. The qualifying offer is similar to a franchise tag in football for those who might not be familiar of what a qualifying offer is.  

Last year King Jed Hoyer extended an offer to Dexter Fowler who declined and went to free agency. It hurt Dexter in the long run because with a qualifying offer there is a high round draft pick associated with that player and if a team signs that player, the player’s former team gets a high round draft pick from the team that signed the player.

For example, if Dexter signs with the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox would then have to give a high round draft pick to the Cubs since Dexter played for the Cubs and now is signing with the White Sox.

In this age of baseball not many teams want to give up high draft picks to sign an older player. Dexter wasn’t signed until Spring Training this year and only received a contract worth $8 million in guaranteed money because of that thought.

With this year’s offer value being $17.2 million up $1.4 million from last year. King Jed and the boys might be hoping Dexter considers it a little more based on Dexter’s experience from last year.

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