Jed and the Boys Closing the Door

The Chicago Cubs have acquired RHP Wade Davis from the Kansas City Royals for Jorge Soler. I can’t even show you how excited I am that King Jed Hoyer made this move. While we were led to believe by King Jed himself, that they wouldn’t be the Chicago baseball team making all the noise this Winter Meetings. I believe they did as they just received one of the best closers in baseball without having to give up to much.

Soler was one of the first players King Jed brought in for the Cubs and was looked at being a very talented guy with amazing upside. It just never panned out for Soler here and that is a main reason why he was traded to the Royals where he will be able to finally show what kind of a player he can be.

But to receive Wade Davis, oh my goodness, things are sitting pretty for King Jed and King Maddon. The Cubs go in again as the odds on favorite to win the pennant thanks to King Jed giving King Joe the players to use and maximize to get this team back the World Series.

Great Job King Jed!

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