West Madison Story, Starts Oct. 27th

The Chicago Bulls start their season this Thursday against the Celtics on national TV. The whole nation will see how good this Bulls team will be going into this season. My take is they won’t see much but a middling team that won’t be higher than the 4th seed in the East and be bounced in the first round in 5 games.

I unfortunately have come to despise the Bulls because of King John Paxson. I appreciate what he did in the 90s helping solidify one of the best professional sports dynasty with the greatest player to ever play the game. But King Paxson has been here to long to put non-competitive teams on the court. I get Lebron has never left the Eastern Conference but before Lebron came into power this team was awful all the way through.

So I’ll watch the Bulls if someone on my fantasy team is playing them but to watch them as a fan? No, I can’t watch with John Paxson still apart of the basketball decisions for this franchise.

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