A Little to Late Pax

Today was the NBA trade deadline and I was surprised to see the Chicago Bulls and their content front office trade away Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott. The front office has hopefully finally understood that the work you have done is terrible and the job you have done the last few years is also terrible.

It’s nice to see they got some young players in Payne and Lauvergne, but it’s a little too late for that. King Paxson I have been crusading against you and your regime ever since you took the throne. You have done little to make this team a viable threat in the East.

You are lucky that the ultimate King, Jerry Reinsdorf loves you for what you did while you were playing for the team. I can’t stand the way you have done business for Bulls and you are the main reason I can’t watch the Bulls or the NBA anymore. If only something could be done to bring excitement back to the once proud franchise.

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