Time to Pay the Piper Gar

It pains me to write another article about the Bulls but not letting you all know that King Gar Forman and his boss King John Paxson traded up to draft Doug McDermott in front of Zach LaVine is beyond a head scratcher. I mean yes, McDermott was a great player in college and could really shoot the basketball but with another blowout loss against an athletic Bucks team. It’s time to think about packing it in and start to actually rebuild this team.

That means trading away their assets, if there are any and getting back as many draft picks as possible. I know in the NBA a 2nd round draft pick is worth less than a US penny but this front office needs as many chances to find something to progress this team forward. They made the wrong choice hiring King Fred Hoiberg, as there have been reports and leaks that they did and this team is just straight up trash.

Here at P$K we like to rate the kings 1-5 but I wish for this article and the others to come I can rate the Bulls’ Kings negative numbers until they finally turn this around because we all know they aren’t going anywhere and it is never King Paxson or King Forman’s fault.

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