So it Begins; Fred vs. Rajon

With the news of Rajon Rondo being suspended one game for conduct detrimental to the team should come as no surprise to anyone. The incident happened when the Bulls lost to the hapless Mavericks over the weekend. The scuffle was between Rondo and assistant coach Jim Boylan.

Rondo has been suspended 7 times since 2012. The other six times coming when he was on the Celtics (Four), Mavericks (One) and Kings (One).

The big question now, how is King Fred Hoiberg going to handle Rondo? Will this situation spin out of control? Or will King Fred Hoiberg keep this under control and not let it get out of hand. My take, I just don’t know. The Bulls are playing decently right now and that is probably why this isn’t such a big story. But if this was last year where they struggled mostly after the first quarter of the season, this would be a big deal.

I just can’t wait to see what happens. It looks like this incident is a preview for the drama Westside Story: Rondo at it again.

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