Really, Fred? That's Humorous

I guess the Chicago Bulls played their “most complete game”  of the season last night when they beat the Detroit Pistons according to King Fred Hoiberg. This coming after being embarrassed last week getting blown out by the Milwaukee Bucks on back to back nights.

This Bulls team as currently constructed is not good and is the most unimpressive, unexciting team I have ever seen. I know King Fred Hoiberg has to do a job and coach the team, give the team some confidence and keep the energy up. But every time I see a story about this team no matter it be good or bad it just makes me hot and bothered because for such a once proud franchise playing in a hotbed of basketball, it just doesn’t live up to what this basketball city and state deserve.

I know I was praising them several weeks back but that was just to be nice since I have been very critical of the front office for the job they have done over the years.

So, since the team played a good for one game it’s probably safe to say that they will be blown out in their next contest because that’s what this team does.

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