John McDonough King of all Kings

In every great organization the person at the top running the operations and day-to-day activities has to be a person everyone respects and believes in. The President and CEO of the Chicago Blackhawks John McDonough definitely fits that category.

Recently I came across a Q and A that McDonough did where most of the questions focused on a lot of the big topics that have surrounded the Blackhawks’ organization the past year after winning the Stanley Cup in 2015. The things that caught my eye was the questions about Patrick Kane and being able to lead an organization that has become a top one in all professional sports.

The paragraphs below are my reactions to a few of answers he gave during the session.

As everyone knows a few months after the Hawks won the Stanley Cup Patrick Kane’s name pops up in the news again for the wrong reasons. John McDonough had a tough time handling the situation. It was a tough time for McDonough because it hurts the image of the organization that he is leading but also hurt him personally as he has a tight connection with Patrick Kane. Hearing a President and CEO of a sports organization say they were deeply hurt because of personal reasons shows that this King cares about his employees. The greatest organizations have that element where people who care about the other people they work with have the most success.

When questions were asked what are the keys to organizational success he says all of the success doesn’t come without the energy coming from the owner and other King, Rocky Wirtz. Before McDonough took the job he met with Rocky and said he had this engaging and empowering personality that he couldn’t ignore.

There is no denying that the Blackhawks have become a model organization. The answers and insight John McDonough gave us makes it a clearer picture on how this organization made a complete turnaround.

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