Time to Gear Up Joel!

The Chicago Blackhawks are in the Stanley Cup playoffs and are looking to make another cup run this year. Having home ice advantage through the whole Western Conference and playing well down the stretch (with their full squad) has many people looking at another potential Stanley Cup banner coming to Chicago.

King Joel Quenneville is going to have a lot of good hard decisions to make as this team has come together quite nicely with the addition of the young guys. John Hayden has played well since finishing his college hockey career and all indications seem like he will be in a fourth line role because he bangs bodies and can make plays in small areas which you need in the playoffs. Ryan Hartman has played well all season the only concern with him is that he will need to hold back on being too much of an agitator and not get caught up in the moment. You also have Vinnie Hinostroza who can bring skill and speed to the fourth line which can put you over the top in a cup run.

I don’t envy King Joel for the decisions he has to make but boy oh boy, he has some great solid options to choose from based on the young talent this team has and he could potentially bring in some veteran presence if need be.

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