Congrats Coach Q! Time for you to be Head Coach

I want to extend my congratulations to Coach Quenneville and Jonathan Toews for winning the World Cup Gold Medal. In recent international play excluding the World Championships held every year, Team Canada hasn’t lost a game since losing to Team USA in the Vancouver Olympics preliminaries in 2010. They are 16-0, 62 goals for and 21 goals against which is pretty impressive being a plus-41.

During this great run Mike Babcock has been the head coach. He has been widely regarded for the past decade as one of the best coaches in the NHL. He has one 1 Stanley Cup and has been to 2 Stanley Cup Finals. While also securing the 2010 and 2014 Olympic gold medals and most recently the 2016 World Cup gold medal. Babcock also has a gold medal from the World Juniors which is another big hockey tournament where players under the age of 20 compete in an Olympic style tournament. But other than that he hasn't done much else in the NHL. In the meantime, King Q has won 3 Stanley Cups and has been to the Western Conference Finals 5 out of the last 8 times. He also is the second winningest coach in NHL HISTORY!

I understand Mike Babcock is considered a great coach and one of the best in the league but Hockey Canada has to now respect Joel Quenneville and give him a chance to lead this team as his credentials speak for themselves.

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