Free Agency Day 1 for Pace

Yesterday the Bears signed quarterback Mike Glennon and safety Quentin Demps. Glennon signed for 3 years and $45 million while Demps signed for 3 years and $13.5 million.

Pretty solid moves for the Bears and finally the end of Cutler being in Chicago. Jay Cutler was released by the Bears ending a frustrating tenure here. There are always going to be that debate if Cutler was treated unfairly and/or didn’t get a consistent shot to perform. Regardless, this relationship needed to end. This team is going nowhere with or without Cutler. So when I see my timeline on Facebook with people complaining about the Bears signing Glennon who has been a career backup with a below .500 mark. This Bears team wasn’t going to win a significant amount of games. This team needs talent and they barely have any. So why not see if you can bring in a guy who has some experience and give him a fair opportunity? Sound familiar? Signing Glennon also protects King Pace from himself on taking one of the “top-tier” quarterbacks in this draft.

Like the first day for the Bears? Maybe...

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