Do you Like Tortuing Yourself?

So the Chicago Bears are still participating in this NFL season and they are a woeful 1-6 after losing to the hated Green Bay Packers. The Bears lost their starting quarterback in this game to a broken arm. So good ole Jay Cutler will be back at the helm running this offense. The one bright spot for this team was Leonard Floyd, King Pace’s second first round pick, had 3 sacks which is very impressive for a rookie. But other than that this team is just garbage.

Thankfully for this city the Cubs are relevant and the Blackhawks are 2 weeks into their season. Also the soap opera that is the Chicago Bulls starts later this week which will take some of the heat of the Bears.

But I just want to know, are you still watching the Bears for fun? I would really like to hear your opinion on why you are doing that? Unless you are punishing yourself for something you did in the past.

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