Chicago Bears Stink, but Why Be Mad About It?

After the Bears game this past Monday many fans in Chicago are very upset by the performance of this team. They haven’t been really competitive in any of their games and they are a walking mash unit now with many of their key players injured.

Even though this team is garbage, Bears fans have a lot to look forward to this season without watching a Bears game for the rest of the fall.

This is a great time for sports as all 4 major sports will be in season as the NBA and NHL start next month and the MLB playoffs start next week. Many Chicago sports fans will pay attention to the MLB playoffs to see how the Cubs do. Either rooting for them not to do well or pulling for them to finally break the long standing curse that has plagued them their whole 20th century existence (I’m hoping for the latter as I have the Cubs disease). The Blackhawks are going into the season again as Stanley Cup favorites after being semi-well rested from the early 2016 Stanley Cup playoff exit and the soap opera that is the Chicago Bulls start up.

Though this 2016 season is lost I wouldn’t recommend watching any of their games the rest of the season but if continue to watch them, I’ll have to end on quoting King Mike Babcock, Head Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs, “there will be pain”.

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