Will Jay be the QB Again this Year?

If you live in the city of Chicago you have heard the back and forth and the polarizing conversation centered around Jay Cutler. He has all the tools but….. you get the picture.

Now that Jay is hurt again and has been out the last two weeks with a sprained thumb. King John Fox has mentioned to the media that Jay might not get his job back right away if he does return from injury. Brian Hoyer has been doing well since being named the starter throwing for 697 yards, four touchdowns, zero interceptions, and has lost one fumble this season, helping the offense pick up 49 first downs in nine quarters.

While Jay was 28-of-46 for 373 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions, and had lost one fumble.

It’s the same ole narrative for Hoyer as he plays well in spurts but then starts to falter as he plays more and more. With that in mind Jay might not get his job back right away but he is sure to be the starting QB by the end of this season whether you like it or not.

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