Robert Kraft's Wealth Began With ... A Paper Company?

According to Forbes, Robert Kraft's net worth is $4.8 billion dollars. Ever wonder how Kraft made his fortune? Kraft wasn't born into wealth. In fact he grew up in a working class family. But after receiving his MBA from Harvard in 1965 Kraft started "The Kraft Group." Kraft first made his money with this company, believe it or not, from "paper and packaging manufacturing and distribution of forest products.” 

Kraft's early success as a business man allowed him to buy the Patriots in 1994 for then a record $175 million, which has turned out to be his smartest business decision. Many were perplexed by the decision at the time. The Patriots had been a losing franchise with a lease on a run down stadium that was set to expire in 2001. However ever since Kraft bought the team, the Patriots have become a first class organization. According to Forbes the team is now worth $3.2 billion.  

Thanks to Kraft's success with the Patriots he has been able to expand his business, which now focuses on more than just paper manufacturing such as...

  • "sports, entertainment and event management,"
  • "construction and real estate development"  
  • "private equity and venture investing"
  • "sustainability"
  • "philanthropy"

"The Kraft Group" now brings in close to $3 billion dollars annually. Taking into account Kraft's upbringing, he has created and lived one of the most successful financial lives we have ever seen. 

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