Patriots Pursuit 5th Super Bowl, Victory Over the NFL

As the Patriots begin the grind through the heart of training camp there is one goal in everyone's mind - win the Super Bowl. Sure, this is the same goal that every team supposedly has heading into the season, but for the Patriots its personal. Deflategate has created an "us against the world" type attitude within the Patriots organization, and Patriots Nation as a whole. 

There was already a clear divide between the Patriots and the rest of the NFL before deflategate. After spygate in 2007 and a decade and a half of dominance other owners, and general managers began to despise the Patriots deeply. When deflategate happened, these other organizations were given something physical to use to attack the Patriots.

To Mr. Kraft's credit, he recognized that this was occurring and took a stand on multiple occasions against the league. He held numerous press conferences in which he demanded Goodell and the league office issue an apology, reprimanded Goodell for attacking Brady's legacy as a football player and human being without any evidence of wrongdoing, and chastised the entire league process in handling the situation. 

Though this was the right thing to do, when Kraft took these stands he created an even greater divide between the Patriots and the rest of the league. Bleacher Report's Jason Cole personally spoke with three NFL owners who were disappointed Kraft took a stand behind Brady. Obviously the other owners are only interested in protecting the CBA and the NFL’s brand to ensure maximum revenue, but how can they be disappointed in Kraft for standing behind his loyal QB of 16 years?

It seems the only way the Patriots can get there revenge on the league is to force Goodell to hand over another Lombardi trophy to Kraft, Brady, and Belichick. Because if its already us, as Patriot Nation, against the world, we might as well do what we do best - win.   


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