Someone Mention Nick Caserio! The Most Impactful King You've Never Heard of

So now that the Patriots have locked up another division title and are on their way to their seventh super bowl appearance of this young millennium, can we acknowledge Nick Caserio exists? Caserio has been the Director of Player Personnel for The New England Patriots since 2008. And at just 40 years of age he is one of the brightest minds in all of the NFL.

Of course Bill Belichick deserves every ounce of credit he gets. And it doesn't hurt having the greatest Quarterback of all time as well, but Caserio should be at least mentioned here or there by the media, shouldn't he? Caserio is entering his 16th season with the team and 14th in the Player Personnel Department - coincidentally right when the Patriots began to get really good? Maybe, maybe not, but can we at least ask the question?! Caserio has a lot of control and is at least involved in the process of all roster decisions. And take this year for example, look at who he has surrounded Brady with. Brady loves Gronk, he went out and got Martellus Bennet another large red zone tight end target. Brady also loves Edelman, Caserio went out and got Danny Amendola a few years back and this year, Chris Hogan, almost identical looking players to Edelman. Brady loved Kevin Faulk and Shane Vereen, so he drafted James White and acquired Dion Lewis. God Forbid someone gets hurt, the Patriots have back up at each position.

Caserio has again primed the Pats for a Super Bowl run, so lets give him so god damn credit, shall we? 

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