3 Facts About the Boston Red Sox You Won’t Agree With  

1) Clay Buchholz will be the Red Sox best and most reliable pitcher this post-season. Sure, Buchholz had his up and downs this season, ultimately leading him to the bullpen, but he is hot right now, allowing two runs or fewer in four of his last five starts. And the MLB postseason is all about being hot at the right time. Buchholz has always had the ability, but now he is pitching with the confidence to win every game he starts this postseason.

2) Mookie Betts is the best player in the playoffs. During the season Betts hit .318, had 31 homers, 113 RBI’s. He was also a constant threat on the base path and the Red Sox would not have made the playoffs without him. There is no other player more valuable to his team left standing.  

3) Unless the Red Sox reach the World Series, John Farrell should be fired. Farrell has seen his players produce on the field, however he has consistently blown late leads via bad managerial decision-making to the point where he is not helping them as much as an average manager could be.    

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