Red Sox Shouldn’t Give a Damn About Sudden Loss of Hazen

After just one year as the Red Sox “General Manager” Mike Hazen has departed to become the new General Manager for the Arizona Diamonds. The Red Sox had a pretty successful season this year “under Hazen,” reaching the post season, so should Sox fans be worried about Hazen’s exit? Absolutely not. And here’s why:

Even after working his way through the ranks in Boston and receiving the title of “General Manager” Mike Hazen was never in control this year. Instead, the man who hired him held all the power and will continue to do so, Mr. Dave Dombrowski. Dombrowski is the President of Baseball Operations for the Red Sox. And his track record is for more proven and extensive than Hazen’s. Since becoming a General Manager in 1988 Dombrowski has had 7 playoff appearances, 3 pennants, and one World Series Title. And it appears he is coming into his prime as a baseball mind, reaching the playoffs 5 out of the last 6 years dating back to his days with the Tigers.   

In some organizations the General Manager is the one calling the shots- and if this were the case the loss of Hazen would be of major concern. But currently within the Boston Red Sox Front Office there is one puppet master and his name is Dave Dombrowski.     

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