Is Papi Greatest Red Sox Player of all Time?

David Ortiz just wrapped up an incredible career that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. He left an everlasting impact on the Red Sox and the city of Boston. This impact was evident after Cleveland swept the Sox in three games and the fans refused to leave without saying one last goodbye to Ortiz, chanting, “We aren’t leaving.” 

Big Papi got word of what was going on and headed out onto the field with tears in his eyes and his arms raised in the air - one last iconic image for an iconic player. 

This is rare air Big Papi is entering into. Red Sox fans usually won’t stick around after a season ending loss for anyone. But Ortiz is different. He always has been. His talent, charisma, and accomplishments stand out. He is, in many ways, the symbol for the curse being lifted in ’04 - adding two more World Series Titles after that. And because of all of that…

He will go down as the greatest Red Sox to ever play.   

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