Dombrowski Here to Win Now, Not Later

Dave Dombrowski has been about winning, and winning immediately, the moment he arrived in Boston. However, with this most recent trade, Dombrowski has taken it to a whole new level! He gave up 4 prospects with very high potential, and a chance to be all-star level ballplayers one day. 

But Dombrowski doesn’t care, and why should he? I agree with this move, just as I have agreed with every move he has made so far with the Sox. Why not go for it? Why not put all your eggs in one basket - 2017. Because these "high valued prospects," at the end of the day, are still prospects. And honestly, how many of these guys end up making a real impact on a big league team? The answer is not many. So when you can get a guy like Chris Sale who is ALREADY a perennial superstar pitcher, and you acquire him with a very VERY manageable contract, that is always the right move.

Because what are prospects but the hope to win someday in the future. If winning is the ultimate goal, why not win now? Dombrowski gets this, and that is why he is one of the best in baseball. 

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