Is Enough Out There For C’s?

No Celtics fan should be overly concerned with their narrow win over the Nets and then loss to the Bulls to open the year. However, C’s fans do have reason to ask the question: can our team get better this year?

The problem is Danny Ainge may not have many options. Few teams are willing to trade away a superstar type talent unless they are rebuilding. The Celtics options may be limited to players such as Paul Millsap. The Hawks lost Teague and Horford this offseason and Millsap is a free agent at season end. Also impending free agents Trevor Ariza and Corey Brewer could be traded if the Rockets have another season like they did last year - but where does this get the Celtics? 

These are just more B/B+ players, which the C’s already have plenty of. As Danny Ainge continues to attempt to build a championship team that can challenge the Cavs in the east, the question becomes what exactly are his options moving forward? He may have to pull a rabbit out of his hat - but hey, we have certainly seen him do it before (i.e the original BIG 3) 

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