Celtics Head into 2016-17 Season Playing for a Superstar

Give the Boston Celtics credit; they understand the predicament they are in. An NBA franchise without a superstar has about as much of a chance of winning the Title as Rodger Goodell has to ever understand what domestic abuse is – and what the correct punishment should be – or any punishment for that matter, but I digress. The Celtics threw the kitchen sink at Kevin Durant, even bringing Tom Brady into the meeting, and per multiple reports they put together a good pitch, but to no avail.  

The Celtics are trapped in this state of limbo. They have a very formidable roster, the best young coach in the league, yet they have a 0% chance of even making it to the NBA finals, much less winning it. In this era of Lebron James and Kevin Durant/Steph Curry super teams you are almost irrelevant without a superstar. Great coaching and a solid roster can only take you so far, eventually far superior talent always wins out. This is not to say that you have to match the Warriors in the talent department – that would be impossible. But with a team like the Celtics you need at least one superstar to go along with everything else to give yourself a fighting chance. So for the Celtics, this season is yet another chance for young players to develop, possibly 50 wins, the chance to win a playoff series or two, but more importantly to somehow attract a superstar.  

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