I've Got the Power!

The most powerful man in the NHL is obviously Commissioner Bettman. If the commissioner of any league isn’t the most powerful man in the organization then there is a problem. Though many fans of the NHL don’t like Bettman. He has done a good job with the league as he was able to get them through 3 labor stoppages and come out of those stoppages with a greater revenue stream for the league.

But who would you say has the second most power in the league? Mike Babcock? Rocky Wirtz? Bill Daly? None of the above.It is King Jeremy Jacobs the owner of the Boston Bruins. Why? He is the chairman of the board of governors. The board of governors are the group of people that have final say in any kind of rule change in the NHL. The 3 on 3 overtime wouldn't have come to the NHL without first being voted on in the governors’ meeting.

Being able to have that power and run the whole meeting does say a lot about how much power you have in the NHL. I came across an article done by John Shannon, who is writer for Sportsnet in Canada and he did a list of the top 25 power brokers in the NHL. He put Bettman and Jacobs one and two. He did a real good job in explaining why Jacobs is the second most powerful man in the NHL. I recommend you take a look at the article if you so choose.

For the Bruins to have an owner that is the head of all the rule changes is great. Because most of the decisions that come out of that meeting will not negatively affect the Bruins in a major way because their top King is running the show.

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